Safety coaching initiatives

change your safety culture and reduce your in-direct safety costs

Iowa-Illinois Safety Council Members: Save 15% on this service!

Let us help you reduce fears of regulatory captivity by releasing your hidden safety potential. We can help you dominate your safety program and bring it to the next level - Imagine, world-class recognition in your safety program - so contract with us today!

When you have a plumbing problem who better to call than a plumber? If you have an electrical problem you would call an electrician?  Now you have the chance to contract with recognized safety & health professionals to come in and help you with your Safety & Health Programs.

Contract with us to provide individualized services on a regular basis. This can be conducted per week or per month for a select number of hours. You will be billed after each visit per our agreed upon discount price. This can save you so much in regards to fines, or piecemeal consulting which can miss a lot when someone is not there regularly to provide assistance.

We can do a walk through of your facility on a regular basis to identify hazard violations that might be overlooked that could result in regulatory citations and fines. Payout of the fine(s) can more than pay for consultative services or even the hiring of a part-time or full-time safety professionals that we can train to allow the company to be self-sufficient in meeting their requirements.

Why contract?

Many companies do not have a full time safety professional on staff that administers the company's safety & health programs. This can result in training that has lapsed, written programs that don't get written or reviewed, or procedures such as personal protective equipment (PPE) assessments that do not get performed or lockout procedures that are not written or reviewed.  
Here is an example of what might be missing at your company:

All lockout procedures must be reviewed annually with the authorized person(s) that would perform the procedure. Unfortunately many times this requirement is missed and sometimes there is confusion with the annual requirement in which the company may be doing annual training instead of the review of the lockout procedure. 

1910.132: The employer shall assess the workplace to determine if hazards are present, or are likely to be present, which necessitate the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) through a written certification. Most companies are aware of some of their hazards but many hazards go unchecked. 

So, what do you need to do to participate in this program? 
Simply give Christine a call at 515.276.4724 ext. 226 and she will work with you on how we can assist you based on your specific company needs. Together we can prioritize your needs, work out a plan of action for meeting those needs, provide training as necessary, help write safety programs tailored to your company (not like some canned programs you can buy off the shelf), and get you to that world-class level.