IISC Trainers

You can contact our trainers at the info below with any questions you may have about training courses or safety at your company.  Over-the-phone consultation is free to IISC members!

Adam Fairchild 

Director of Program Development and Training
AdamF@iisc.org | 515-276-4724 ext. 221
As a seasoned safety & health professional Adam has over 14 years of experience navigating management, human resources, employee relations and worker development within General Industry. His extensive experience in team building, regulatory compliance, and performance management was pivotal in the reduction of safety violations and associated costs. His influence with continually bridging the gaps brought different groups of people from all levels of the organization together, to work towards creating a work environment that was safe for all employees. Adam is particularly well disciplined in National Safety Council’s Advanced Safety Certificate program and is an OSHA Authorized Outreach trainer in General Industry. He is the lead trainer for IISC and is highly respected in his abilities to engage students both in-person and through virtual media.  Adam has been a trainer with the Iowa-Illinois Safety Council since 2019.

Scott Kuster

Scott@iisc.org | 515-276-4724 ext. 228

Scott has a diverse background from Fortune 100 trained Leadership, to safety and construction.  He has a long history of building programs and trainings around regulations to keep companies in compliance. Scott's training focuses on building relationships and engaging team members, emphasizing on emotional intelligence to help engage a positive and successful team. He encourages and builds agility and adaptability in fast changing environments, while motivating teams by improving engagement and efficiency through showing appreciation and fosters an environment of employee involvement. Scott develops teams and leaders to take ownership, creating a better safety culture. Scott is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Safety and CSP to further build his safety knowledge background.   

Bryan Doty

Part-time Trainer
Bryan is a contract trainer for IISC and was involved in manufacturing for nearly 20 years, serving on safety teams and safety committees for 15 years and 5 years as a safety coordinator for a window manufacturer. He has 3 years experience in the construction industry as a safety manager/ consultant. His experience and diverse background gives Bryan the ability to serve in the field as well as the classroom to help bring solutions to safety problems. 


Contract trainers

Are you interested in contract training with the Iowa-Illinois Safety Council? IISC is always looking to add to our list of contract trainers to fill the training needs of our customers/members when our regular on-staff trainers are not available.  Please send your resume with a list of topics/classes you are qualified to train to Heather@iisc.org or call 515-276-4724 ext. 230. 

IISC Speaker Request

A big part of our mission involves public engagement. We welcome the opportunity to share our ideas and experiences at your next virtual or in-person event. If you would you like to request an IISC speaker at your next event, please email iiscadmin@iisc.org.