IISC Trainers

The Iowa-Illinois Safety Council currently has three full-time trainers on staff.  We also contract with additional trainers on a needed basis.  You can contact our trainers at the info below with any questions you may have about training courses or safety at your company.  Over-the-phone consultation is free to IISC members!

Christine reed, MS, CHCM

Director of Program Development & Training
Christine@iisc.org | 515-276-4724 ext. 226
With over 38 years extensive experience as an Industrial Hygienist and Safety Consultant, Christine has worked with many large and small corporations assisting them with implementing, reorganizing and auditing their safety and health programs. Christine is a 21-year military veteran with management and supervisory experience which led to incorporating and training on the best practical applications for workplace evaluations. This made her an exceptional fit in the civilian world when working previously with the Nebraska Safety Council as the Sr. EHS & IH Consultant bringing with her an incomparable background of knowledge and experience that led to successful consultations for implementation of individualized safety and health programs for many companies. Christine is an Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer for General Industry, NSC Advanced Safety Certificate trainer, DOT Transportation of Hazardous Materials trainer, EPA RCRA Trainer and IBFCSM CHCM preparatory certification facilitator.

Adam Fairchild


AdamF@iisc.org | 515-276-4724 ext. 221
As a seasoned safety & health professional Adam has over 14 years’ experience navigating management, human resources, employee relations and worker development within General Industry where his extensive experience in team building, regulatory compliance, and performance management was pivotal in the reduction of safety violations and associated costs. His influence with continually bridging the gaps often seen in team dynamics was especially noteworthy in his abilities to bring different groups of people from all levels of the organization together, to work towards creating a work environment that was safe for all employees within the organization. Adam is particularly well disciplined in National Safety Council’s Advanced Safety Certificate program and is an OSHA Authorized Outreach trainer in General Industry. He is the lead trainer for IISC and is highly respected in his abilities to engage students both in-person and through virtual media.

Lawrence Stifel


Lawrence@iisc.org | 515-276-4724 ext. 228

Lawrence is a highly skilled safety specialist, manager, and trainer with over 25 years’ experience in both general industry and construction occupations. His specialty is in the construction profession where he has created site specific safety & health programs and conducted safety training for numerous companies. With his vast involvement in construction site management over the years he has ensured the safety of employees working on site by reducing the number of injuries, hazards, and loss time through the development of realistic and comprehensive operating procedures. As a highly skilled trainer, Lawrence brings a practical approach to training through his personable and caring attitude when engaging students in course objectives. Lawrence is an OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainer in Construction and is qualified to conduct general industry training as well. 

IISC Speaker Request

A big part of our mission involves public engagement. We welcome the opportunity to share our ideas and experiences at your next virtual or in-person event. If you would you like to request an IISC speaker at your next event, please email Christine at Christine@iisc.org.