Hearing Conservation ReCertification Course(Registration Closed)

**If your certification will expire before you are able to attend a recertification class, please file for an extension with CAOHC at  https://caohc.execinc.com/edibo/OHCExtension/.  This helps to ensure that your certification will not lapse in the meantime. ***

This one day (7.75 hours) course meets CAOHC requirements to re-certify those who are already CAOHC certified. Core topics that were taught in the initial course will be reviewed. Attendees will also undergo both audiometric hearing test and hearing protection practicum to demonstrate proficiency in these two skills. Ample time allotments are provided for practice and counseling to assure registrants opportunity to develop proficiency.

Target Audience
Occupational health nurses, Occupational Physicians, Industrial Hygienists, Industrial Safety Specialists, and Human Resource personnel.

Course Objectives
Upon completion of this program, the participant will be able to: 

  1. Apply and administer reliable and accurate pure tone hearing tests.
  2. Summarize and articulate the results of audiometric test results to employees in a meaningful manner, and, if needed, initiate referrals for medical and/or audiological evaluation as needed.
  3. Apply skills to perform periodic functional checks, calibration checks, and proper cleaning and maintaining of audiometric equipment.
  4. Assess the condition of the external ear prior to initiating a hearing test and the fitting of appropriate hearing protection devices.
  5. Apply knowledge and skills to assist the adequacy and appropriateness of hearing protection devices in relation to the noise exposure of employees.
  6. Incorporate and produce education and training services to all noise-exposed employees as required by OSHA.
  7. Interpret results of noise surveys in relation of the requirements of OSHA for a Hearing Conservation Program.
  8. Provide meaningful information on hearing conservation matters to the hearing conservation or safety committee.
  9. Integrate knowledge learned to comply with hearing conservation recordkeeping and documentation required under state and federal laws on behalf of the employer.

ReCertification Course Outline

  • Hearing Protection Devices with Fitting Practicum 
  • Employee Education & Motivation
  • Audiogram Review Referral & Employee Follow-up
  • Federal & State Regulations Relating to Noise & Hearing Loss
  • The Audiometer & Test Environment
  • Audiometric Techniques
  • Supervised Audiometric Testing Practicum
  • Recordkeeping
  • Program Evaluation
  • Review of Hearing Conservation
  • Course Exam

Please plan on bringing pen(s), highlighter, and notepad; none of these items will be provided.

Upon completion and a passing score on the final examination, a Certificate of Completion will be issued to registrants. CAOHC certification fee is included in your registration free.

Attendees for the recertification course must bring a copy of current 
CAOHC certificate to class for validation.



There will be a certification and re-certification exam at the end of each course.  The Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC) is no longer using test booklets to conduct the exam.  Rather, CAOHC is now requiring that participants bring either a laptop/notebook (preferred) or a tablet to the course to take the exam online proctored by the Course Director.  The exam can only be taken using either Mozilla Firefox or Chrome browsers.  When you bring your device, you are strongly encouraged to establish a WiFi connection as soon as possible to ensure that you can take the exam without interruption.

Registration fees include course materials and CAOHC Certificates. Full attendance is required - no partial credit will be awarded.
It is the licensee’s responsibility to determine if this education program meets the requirements of their professional licensure board.


Nursing Contact Hours:

Hearing conservation certification three-day course: $45 – 18.0 contact hours approved by IBON Provider #22 DMACC
One-day re-certification course: $40 - 8 contact hours approved by IBON Provider #22 DMACC
YOU MUST SIGN UP AND PAY FOR Contact hours DURING THE CLASS (not before or after).
**Please bring your nursing license number**
Full attendance is required – no partial credit will be awarded.
It is the licensee’s responsibility to determine if the education programs they attend
meet the requirements of their professional licensure board. 



CAOHC Course Instructor: James J. Jerome, MA, CCC-A - Sr. Occupational Audiologist

Jim has been president and senior occupational audiologist for Indianapolis based Workplace Integra- Midwest since July 2002.  Prior to that, he worked as an occupational audiologist for a consulting industrial hygiene and safety firm for four years, a US Army audiologist for twenty-one years, and a school audiologist for five years.  As a military audiologist, Jim received the 1995 Military Audiology Association Founder’s Award for outstanding audiologist of the year.  He has held the Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology (CCC-A) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) since 1975.  Within the Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC), Jim has been a certified course director since 1985. Jim has been an active member of the National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA) since 1999.  He assisted the Scholarship Foundation by serving as coordinator for money-raising activities from 2005-2007.  Later, he served as Secretary on the Foundation from 2008-2010.  Jim served as Secretary/Treasurer on the NHCA Executive Council from 2006-2008.  He served as 2012 Program Chair for the association’s 37th and 40th Annual Conferences.  In 2016, Jim was elected President of NHCA.  After serving his term in office, he was subsequently elected President of the Scholarship Foundation in 2018. Jim holds an undergraduate degree in speech pathology from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee (1971) and a master’s degree in audiology from Western Illinois University (1973).

Class Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Registration/Sign-in - 7:30 am
Contact Info: Heather Eaton - 515-276-4724 ext. 230

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Cancellation without penalty may be made up to three working days prior to the seminar date.  Cancellation after that date will be charged 50% of the fee.  You may avoid this charge by transferring your registration to another person.  Registrants who do not cancel are liable for the entire fee.  ALL REFUNDS WILL BE IN THE FORM OF A CREDIT VOUCHER.  This cancellation policy is standard with all Iowa-Illinois Safety Council sponsored programs.

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