safety Management Techniques - ON-SITE TRAINING


 The Iowa-Illinois Safety Council's trainers can customize the training to your company and your specific needs.  On-site training is great for when you need to train several employees with little disruption to their normal schedule.

Learn to Look at Safety from a Business and Systems Perspective

This four-day program is designed to give team leaders, managers, human resource personnel, safety team/committee members, and other employees who are tasked with safety responsibilities the knowledge and skills required to effectively deal with safety and health management issues from an individual and organizational perspective.

This Course Includes the Following:

  • 9 Elements of an Effective Safety Management System
  • Case Studies in Safety and Productivity, Volume One
  • Injury Facts CD current year
  • 13 Module POSH Participant Guide

Course Content:
This course is mainly focused on setting up/revising your Safety Management System. During the four days, the focus will be on the following items;

  • Initiating a safety management system
  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • Organizational safety culture
  • Influencing and managing change
  • Safety performance measurements
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Interviewing and consulting skills

Why Take This Course?

  • To better define management's safety & health responsibilities
  • Identify leadership strategies that contribute to your success
  • To utilize measurement tools to track progress of safety management system
  • Enhance your interviewing, consulting and influencing skills to enlist support
  • Identify steps for preparing a successful safety management system audit
  • Create an action plan to improve safety management at your facility
  • Working towards Advanced Safety Certificate

Safety Management Techniques is a four-day course addresses administrative, technical and cultural issues, helping you effectively manage projects and employees.

 Through discussions and in-class activities this course teaches winning strategies you can easily and cost-effectively implement for your company. You'll gain the tools and skills to enhance your safety management techniques and influence your organization's safety and health efforts.

Exercises during the class will require use of a laptop. 

This course is part of the Advanced Safety Certificate Program.

For any questions or to receive a quote on your custom on-site training, contact the IISC trainers.