October - December Onsite Services Discount

October - December Onsite Services Discount

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OSHA Safety Audits
In the safety world we refer to “low hanging fruit” as those frequently found and easily identifiable (but often hidden from the day-to day visibly blind) violations that can cost companies significant amounts of money that can be more productively invested back into the company. We can come into your facility and conduct a top-to-bottom, wall-to-wall inspection to find all those “in front of your face” but often missed violations as well as other violations that are not so easily identified. We will identify, take photos and write a report stating the OSHA regulation paragraph that it pertains to that is in violation, and provide recommendations for corrective action for those issues not obvious what the correction should be. These reports are confidential and are NOT shared with anyone but you.       

Safety & Health Program Development
We can review your OSHA written programs to ensure they are fully developed to address the issues OSHA has outlined in the corresponding regulation or if a program has not been written, we can assist or even write the program for you. We don’t rewrite the OSHA regulation! We address those elements that are required to be covered as identified in the specific regulation and work with you to ensure the program is designed for your specific company. 

Lock Out Tag Out Written Procedures
The FY 2018 Most Frequently Cited Serious Violations (most recent list) identifies over 580 citations issued just for 1910.147 Control of Hazardous Energy (LOTO) paragraph (c)(4)(i) written procedures. We can review or assist with the development of your written procedures “working with authorized employees” to develop procedures that are specific to the equipment; identifying all the associated energy sources, magnitude of the energy, and steps to be taken to control that energy. 

To receive the discount, bookings must be confirmed and scheduled between October – December 2020. Discount pertains only to the consultation time; administration time and all other expenses are at regular cost.

If you are interested in scheduling or have questions, contact Christine Reed, Director of Program Development & Training; Industrial Hygienist at 515-276-4724, ext.226 or email christine@iisc.org.

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