on-site training - consultation - workplace walk-throughs

available to members and non-members

Do you need IISC's safety and health professionals to come on site to help you implement or advance your Occupational Safety and Health Programs?  They can assist you in traffic safety, first aid and CPR, off the job, and many other areas.

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On-Site Training

The professional trainers at IISC can bring a wide range of safety presentations to your facility.  From First Aid/CPR and Defensive Driving to Forklift Safety and personal protective equipment, presentations can be tailored to meet your facilities needs and scheduled for your convenience. 

For a full list of programs offered, check out our Workplace Safety page. If you need a program that is not on our list, please contact one of our trainers to see if we can develop it for you or find someone who can.


Iowa-Illinois Safety Council trainers can share the knowledge and experience they have accumulated with you to help make sense of the safety issues facing your organization. Learn more about IISC's Consulting Services.

workplace Walk-through Assessments

Our workplace walk-through program offers confidential safety and health advice while conducting an inspection of your facility and audit of your programs. We will work with you to identify workplace hazards, and provide advice on compliance with the OSHA standards. 

Our consultation is completely private between you and the trainer/consultant at your site. We will never share your information with other members or with OSHA.

During On-Site Visit:

  • Start with opening meeting to discuss what we intend to look at and how the process will work
  • Records review
  • Program review
  • Inspection of entire facility
  • Closing meeting to review findings with you and discuss next steps
  • Detailed report with findings, issue, and standard covered/violated
  • Follow up meeting if necessary

Please contact our training department to discuss how a walk-through can help your organization.

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