Fundamentals of industrial hygiene - ON-SITE TRAINING


 The Iowa-Illinois Safety Council's trainers can customize the training to your company and your specific needs.  On-site training is great for when you need to train several employees with little disruption to their normal schedule.

Understand the concepts of anticipating, recognizing, evaluating and controlling industrial hygiene hazards your employees may face.
Worksites can harbor chemical, physical, ergonomic and biological hazards.  In this four-day course, you'll gain a practical understanding of industrial hygiene issues and how to address them.  Taught in an interactive classroom format supported by testing and a case study project, you'll build the confidence and skills needed to anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control industrial hygiene hazards.  This is an essential course, especially for those with limited industrial hygiene training or experience.

What You Will Learn

  • How to distinguish chemical, physical, ergonomic and biological hazards
  • How to conduct an industrial hygiene needs analysis
  • When to use a qualified/certified industrial hygienist
  • Basic anatomy and physiology associated with routes of entry and toxicology
  • Hazard evaluation techniques
  • Emerging trends in combustible dust, hexavalent chromium, flavorings-related lung disease, bioterrorism, nanotechnology and pandemic influenza
  • General engineering and administrative controls
  • How to use essential monitoring equipment

Course includes:

  • Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene Participant Guide
  • Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene, 6th Edition
  • NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards
  • Threshold Limits Values® and Biological Exposure Indices(R) books
  • Tools and Resources CD

Course Modules

  • Introduction to Industrial Hygiene
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Toxicology
  • Recognition of Chemical Hazards
  • Recognition of Physical Hazards
  • Recognition of Ergonomic Hazards
  • Overview of Hazard Evaluation
  • Evaluation of Chemical and Biological Hazards
  • Evaluation of Physical Hazards
  • Evaluation of Ergonomic Hazards
  • Control of Hazards
  • Industrial Hygiene Case Study
  • Emerging Trends in Industrial Hygiene
  • Industrial Hygiene Program Planning

This course is part of the Advanced Safety Certificate Program.

For any questions or to receive a quote on your custom on-site training, contact the IISC trainers.