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There’s a new Safety Roundtable group in town! Sponsored by Iowa-Illinois Safety Council, we would like for you to join the conversation about how to make our workplaces safer. This is an idea and resource sharing opportunity that should not be missed!

For our March Roundtable meeting, we will be teaming up with the Quad Cities ASSP chapter. Because our respective organizations do so much to strengthen the safety community in our region, we thought this would be a great opportunity to not only share expertise, but to get to know each other better.

Mike Doucette of Russell Construction, a member and BIG supporter of both organizations will lead the conversation on Building Great Safety Training Programs. The host organizations are ASSP along with Tri-City Electric, with special thanks to Travis Keeney. Lunch will graciously be served.

We all know that it takes a lot to build a strong safety program. We’re going to take a big-picture approach to best practices… small steps that end up growing robust safety programs. Here’s the ground we would like to cover in this meeting:

Best Practices to Build Great Safety Training Programs 
• How does your company provide safety orientation training? What time devoted to training, delivery methods and topics covered.
• General safety training options utilized / Share your resources. Options include in-house, face to face, video, online. Outsource: Who do you use and why?
• What type of soft skill training do companies do? Leadership, supervisor, conflict resolution, etc)

Please bring any materials you would like to share.

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Tri-City Electric
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