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How to create a more effective safety culture and engaged employees - A practical approach for the real world!

Studies continually report that more than two-thirds of employees may be just showing up, or are actively disengaged. Surveys of senior executives show that less than half believe their organizations possess a culture that will enable them to carry out their strategic plans and compete in the future. If you’re charged with responsibility for building a winning, productive team and keeping them safe, achieving quality results and improving morale, building trust and earning respect… just where do you start? How do you go about leading and managing the kind of transformational change you need and want? The simple answers may surprise you. We’ll discuss easy tactical tips and ideas any team leader, supervisor, or manager can use immediately to have a lasting impact with their teams and lead more effectively!

Special Guest Speaker:
Tom West - Strategic Relationships Manager - Makusafe - West Des Moines, IA 
Tom West is an experienced cross-functional business leader, consultant, and college instructor with a successful track record of leadership, who has always been focused on helping organizations operate more effectively & efficiently. This enables leaders to create more engaged and productive employees and strong safety cultures. Tom holds senior level HR professional certifications from both the Society for Human Resources Management and The Human Resources Certification Institute. He’s a training industry veteran and over the years has led many companies offering corporate learning & development tools, and technologies. Tom has been teaching Management & Marketing at Des Moines Area Community College for more than 26 years, and founded Agility Learning Group to deliver consulting & training services about 15 years ago. He is currently part of the MakuSafe team, using analytics software and wearable sensor technology to help prevent workplace accidents & injuries and reduce workers compensation claims. Tom lives in West Des Moines.


Birchwood Fields Learning Center
4620 E 53rd St, Room 111
Davenport , IA 52807

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