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The Iowa-Illinois Safety Council is located at:
Merle Hay Centre
6200 Aurora Avenue, Suite 604 W
Urbandale, IA 50322

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Business Hours: 8:00 AM-4:30 PM Monday-Friday
Phone: 515-276-4724 or 800-568-2495
Fax: 515-276-8038
Email: iiscadmin@iisc.org

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The Iowa-Illinois Safety Council (IISC) has been incorporated in Iowa since 1953 and a chapter of the National Safety Council since 1980.

This nonprofit organization is supported by approximately 1,000 members and locations throughout Iowa and Illinois. IISC provides a wide variety of safety information, seminars, and services to members in an effort to reduce accidents or injuries and the extraordinary costs associated with them.

IISC is here to help business and industry with their safety, health, and environmental programs; for both on the job and off the job. IISC is one of the few resource organizations that will help you comply with the law and guidelines and keep you up to speed on new and changing regulations.

IISC wants to furnish you with the ideas and strategies, educational tools and products, and up to date information that will make your business function more effectively, be more profitable and productive, while maintaining a safer and healthier environment.


The mission of the Iowa-Illinois Safety Council is to persuade society to embrace effective safety, health, and environmental practices in the workplace, on the roadways, and in our homes and communities.


Iowa-Illinois Safety Council has a policy against endorsing specific products or services. Iowa-Illinois Safety Council does recommend a variety of safety, health, and environmental measures and practices, however, the organization does not conduct testing or certification of any products, services, or merchandise. Any use of the Iowa-Illinois Safety Council's name for promotional purposes must be approved in writing prior to use by contacting the Executive Director at iiscadmin@iisc.org or by calling 800-568-2495 or by writing to 6200 Aurora Ave, Suite 604W, Urbandale, IA 50322.


The information and reccomendations contained on this website have been compiled from sources considered to be accurate and reliable. The Editor has exercised considerable care to assure its accuracy. However, the Iowa-Illinois Safety Council does not guarantee that contents are correct; and, that statements attributed to other sources do not necessarily relfect the opinion or position of the Council.